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Lazy Bones 39 - try before you buy


Buying a boat is a major investment.  How do you know if the boat will be right for you?  A few hours of sailing doesn't tell you much about a boat.  We offer one of the best trial sailing programs anywhere:

1.  Place a 10% deposit on the boat - 5% up front, 5% on arrival, for 10% in total.

2.  We will take you sailing for 2 weeks on the boat with an experienced skipper.

3.  We will train you on all aspects of the boat, show you all the systems and how they work.

4.  If you decide to purchase, 100% of your deposit goes towards the purchase.

5.  If you don't purchase, your 10% deposit pays for the 2 weeks of sailing.

If you decide to buy the boat, you get fully trained on all aspects of the boat and 2 weeks of skippered cruising for free.  We pay all the boat fees, fuel, insurance and marina fees.  When you are not sailing you will be pool-side at world class yacht clubs.  Food, beverage and transportations costs are yours.

If you don't buy, you still get 2 weeks of skippered cruising at a price similar to what you would pay for a commercial charter, in one of the best cruising locations on the planet.  Either way you win.

Your sail trials will be conducted in and around the Langkawi Islands in Malaysia.  This duty free group of 100 largely uninhabited islands on the Malay/Thai border has grown to become the premier sailing destination in SE Asia. 

With an international airport, many world class marinas, tons of quite anchorages and low prices, you can leave your your yacht in Langkawi for as long as you like and never pay customs duties.  No wonder 500 international cruising yachts now call Langkawi home.

Langkawi is one of the few tropical locations that is hurricane and cyclone free.  You can sail safely in any season.  Centrally located, with many of the most exotic destination in the world within easy cruising range, Langkawi will suit your sailing needs for years to come.

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