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The designs on this page are for boats commissioned by their owners.  We encourage our owners to take an active part in the designs and construction of their boats to ensure they receive a boat that best fits their needs and budget.

For the most part we have drawn the metal work patterns for these boats and the owners have done the underwater attachments, sail plans and interiors to suit their needs.  Why?  Because underwater attachments, sail plans and interiors depend very much on the intended use of the boat.  These are often best left as items to be customized for each owner .

Case in point.  The Pangaea 50 and the JeanMarc 50.  These are sister-ships cut from the same patterns.  Same hull, different stern, different underwater attachments, different engines, different rig, different deck layout and different different interiors.

Darwin 60 - Steel Cruising Yacht

Genoa 55 - Aluminum Sailing Yacht

JeanMarc 50 - Aluminum Sailing Yacht

Pangaea 50 - Aluminum Sailing Yacht

Bradley 50 - Power displacement cruiser - Origami Duck

Sara_C 47 - Traditional Power/Sail

Lazy Bones 39 - Steel Cruising Yacht

Rosy 37 - Offshore Power or Motor Sailer

LB37 - Power/Sail combination

Bare Bones 30 - Low cost sailing yacht