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Triple dart, origami construction. 

Simple, fast, strong.  Minimum welds, maximum strength.

Fair, "round-bilge" metal boats from flat plate -- without rollers, presses or filler.

The Genoa 55 is under construction in our yard.

Our Technology:

Our unique triple dart origami construction yields a hull virtually identical to a round bilge hull, with only a fraction of the work required for conventional construction.

Our computer generated patterns ensure fair, smooth, predictable shapes, at any size, without the need for filler or fairing.

How does it work?

Think of the difference between men's and women's clothing.  Men's clothing is built with seams, like a chine boat, to yield a squared off shape.  Women's clothing is built with darts, to yield a rounded shape.

Our patterns use darts, not chines.  The result is a rounded shape, not a squared off shape as found in chine construction.   We find that 3 darts provide the best trade off between hull shape, performance, strength, appearance, and ease of construction.

The upper dart is hidden behind the rub strake, and serves to strengthen the hull at that point against impact.  The middle dart is underwater, and serves to improve tracking and dampen roll.  The lower dart flattens the underbody to improve performance, and provides an attachment point for optional bilge keels.

None of the darts are normally visible.  All hulls appear fully round. 

Here are the steps:

1.  Line drawings - you provide or we will create to suit your requirements

2.  Patterns - we computer generate the origami patterns from the line drawings

Copyright (c) 2003 Easy Software Inc and Cyber-CAD Corporation.  All Rights Reserved.

1/12 scale model.  Everything looks fair.

3.  Construction

Our yard will build your yacht, in alloy or steel, or we can assist you with building at your own site.

4.  Results

Two 50 foot alloy sailboats have been built and launched using this technology.  The first has now logged tens of thousands of miles of offshore blue water sailing, including significant portions of high latitude sailing in gale force conditions.  These boats were completed, rigged and outfitted for less than $150,000 US each.  An unbeatable price for a world class offshore yacht.