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Cruising - How can I afford it?

Have you ever dreamed of going cruising?  Can't afford it, right?  Wrong!

When I left school I had no savings and no debts.  After working for 11 years I was $110,000 in debt.  Clearly there was something wrong.  The more I worked, the more I went into debt.

My wife and I were both working very hard but at the end of the month there was never anything left over.  To solve the problem we decided to do something completely different - we went cruising.

We cruised for the better part of 20 years.  Touch wood, we now own a house, boat, motor-home, a couple of cars, have no debts and have money in the bank.  Our children grew up on the boat and are straight "A" students - one is in high school and the other in university.  My point is not to brag, rather to point out that conventional thinking - to save and wait until you retire to go cruising - may not be the best solution.

Very few of the people that we met cruising were retirement age.  Some were in their 20's and 30's.  Most were in their 40's and 50's.  Few were in their 60's or beyond.  Those that were either started years before or spent most of their time tied up in marinas. 

Cruising is simply too physically and mentally demanding for most people to start once they reach retirement age.  The don't have the skills and are at the age where it is hard to learn new ones.  Cruisers are almost always younger people with the dream and desire to make cruising a reality.  For this reason, if you are thinking about cruising, you might want to use our methods.

How did we do it?  Did we win the lottery?  Strike it rich in the DotCom boom?  No, we followed some very simple, conservative rules that anyone can follow.  We didn't take any big risks, except to change our lives and go cruising.

Many people dream of going cruising.  It remains a dream until age over-takes them and the realities of age make cruising impossible.  Don't let this happen to you. 

If you would be interested in hearing this story - to learn how we were able to go cruising and the adventures we had along the way - please fill out the form below.  There is no obligation.

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